Spa Water Testing

Spa Water Testing

As you are no doubt aware, all sorts of germs and bugs can be found in water from your home Spa . Many of these are harmless little things but some can be quite nasty.

We  are pleased to offer a free water testing service. Simply bring a sample of the water from your home spa into our showroom and we will carry out an instant test. Not only is it quick but our testing kit is state of the art and will carry out no less than 11 different tests in just one minute.

Once we’ve checked the results we can point you at the products you need to make your water pure again.

It’s better to be safe than sorry so simply bring in a sample of the water from your spa into our new showroom,  and we’ll carry out our instant and free test for you.

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Endless Pools

An Endless Pool is easy to install and maintain and economical to run. An indoor installation means you can swim all year round, whatever the vagaries of the British weather.And because of their small footprint, they use fewer resources and energy than larger traditional pools, making them good for the environment.

Spas & Hot Tubs

You will want to get the best from your spa and will know that this requires cleaning and maintain it regularly and thoroughly. It’s a job we can help you with or we can supply the products you will require to carry out cleaning and maintenance yourself.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Our pool cleaning and maintenance service is totally flexible to meet your needs. Perhaps you would like a regular weekly visit or once or twice a month. Alternatively you may wish to maintain and clean your pool yourself. Take a look at our products pages to see what we can supply to help.

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